GameFi Presales 2024 on Solana, Avax, Ethereum and Arbitrum

Here are the best gamefi presales and projects to buy in 2024 for the next crypto bullrun.


Illuvium, set in an alien landscape, combines the thrill of exploration with the depth of strategy gaming. Players hunt, capture, and train creatures known as Illuvials, each an NFT with unique traits and abilities. The game's open-world design and intricate battle system offer a rich and immersive experience. Illuvium's blend of RPG elements and blockchain technology has captivated a growing community of players. Explore Illuvium.


Bigtime takes players on an epic adventure through time and space. This RPG GameFi project allows players to team up for missions, collect rare items, and uncover the mysteries of the universe. Each in-game item is an NFT, adding real-world value to the gaming experience. Bigtime's engaging narrative, cooperative gameplay, and integration of blockchain technology make it a standout project in the GameFi sector. Join the Adventure at Bigtime.


Artyfact is a cutting-edge GameFi project that combines gaming with digital artistry. In this virtual world, users can create, trade, and collect digital art as NFTs, blending the lines between gaming and digital art collection. With its unique art-based challenges and community-driven events, Artyfact offers an innovative platform for artists and gamers alike. Its focus on artistic expression and blockchain technology makes it a standout in the GameFi space. Explore Artyfact.


Pixels offers a creative and expansive universe where imagination is the only limit. This GameFi project allows players to build and design their own virtual worlds using pixel blocks. Each creation can be minted and traded as NFTs, providing a unique way for players to express creativity and engage in digital ownership. Pixels stands out for its emphasis on community collaboration and artistic freedom. Create with Pixels.


Portal stands as a beacon in the GameFi universe, offering an immersive, interdimensional adventure experience. This blockchain-based game allows players to explore various realms, solve puzzles, and battle foes to earn unique in-game assets. Its integration of NFTs and a play-to-earn model provides a compelling blend of gaming entertainment and financial opportunity. Portal's engaging storyline and robust community make it a must-play for enthusiasts of the GameFi genre. Discover Portal.


Shrapnel is a dynamic GameFi project that revolutionizes the first-person shooter genre with blockchain integration. Players engage in intense battles, earn rewards, and collect in-game items as NFTs. The game's focus on strategy and skill, combined with its token-based economy, creates an engaging and competitive gaming environment. Shrapnel's commitment to high-quality gameplay and its innovative use of blockchain technology set new standards in the GameFi space. Enter Shrapnel.


Grape immerses players in the world of winemaking, blending the charm of simulation games with the financial aspects of GameFi. Players cultivate vineyards, craft wines, and navigate a dynamic market to sell their products. Each bottle of wine is an NFT, adding a layer of strategy and investment to the gameplay. Grape's unique theme and engaging gameplay mechanics make it a refreshing addition to the GameFi landscape. Harvest at Grape.